Pastor: Rev. Ama Zenya

Reverend Ama Zenya is an ordained minister in the United Church of Christ. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Wesleyan University in Connecticut, and then received both a Master of Divinity degree and a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from the Pacific School of Religion in California. She has been trained in coaching and church revitalization by the Church Multiplication Training Center and in leadership development by the Gamaliel Foundation.

Pastor Ama grew up in Kenya, East Africa, the daughter of a British-Kenyan father and an Irish-American mother. Her background motivates her to nurture relationships of respect and love among people of all traditions and cultures, as well as with the earth itself. Pastor Ama has over a decade of experience working with churches to deepen their fellowship and grow their capacity to serve the wider community.

Pastor Ama joined us on Palm Sunday in March of 2015. On that day, she was called by the congregation to serve as Pastor during an interim period to help the congregation understand itself, clarify its direction, and prepare for a long-term ministry with a new pastor.

Pastor Ama brings a contagious, creative exuberance to her leadership, working with others to create ministries in which all participate. She lives in Oakland with her husband and two young sons. Her life and leadership are rooted in the spirit and teaching of Jesus Christ, who in John’s gospel, says, “I came that they may have life, and have it abundantly!”

To reach Pastor Ama, call (510) 757-7422 email

Reverend Ama Zenya

Bookkeeper: Betsy Hobson

Betsy Hobson continues to bring diligence and good humor to her work as our bookkeeper. In addition to maintaining our books, she helps with budget development. She has also worked with our Endowment and Gifts Team to develop a detailed and customized financial tracking system, ensuring that all memorial gifts get used for the purpose intended by the giver.

To reach Betsy, email

Misty Reistad

Music Director: Andrew Carnegie Hall

AndrewCarnegieHall holds a tremendous amount of skills and musical experience. In all, he is a bay area pianist, guitarist, bassist, vocalist, composer, and teacher; performing and instructing in a variety of styles and genres.

To reach Andrew, email

Sexton: Marcus Lee Jones

Marcus Lee Jones began serving as a barista at the Village Hub in fall 2016, and soon became a vital presence at the church. His wide range of handyman skills and his warm spirit make him a great Church Sexton, a traditional role that looks out for the safety, security, and beauty of the church campus.