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Pastor Search

Our church community awaits a dynamic and passionate pastor to join our close-knit congregation. Woodside, a picturesque town in the heart of Silicon Valley, offers a unique blend of tranquility and innovation. Surrounded by lush greenery, scenic trails, and a welcoming community, this is an ideal setting for a pastor who seeks a balance between pastoral ministry and a thriving, family-friendly environment.


We are an independent, congregational governed church that values spiritual growth, community engagement, and a genuine connection with each member. The local church, situated in the heart of Woodside, serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Here, you'll find a congregation eager to grow in their relationship with Christ and make a difference in the world.


We are currently led by a transitional pastor and council that understands the importance of team leadership, protecting the pastor from burnout, and leadership development so that the church is not dependent on one person’s abilities. 


Woodside, with its proximity to the technological hub of Silicon Valley, presents a unique opportunity for a pastor to connect and grow with a diverse group of individuals and families. The town's welcoming atmosphere, combined with a commitment to preserving its natural beauty, creates an inviting backdrop for spiritual leadership. The church, directly across the street from a local elementary school, is surrounded by redwood forests and a sense of community warmth. 

Search Committee: Anna Savini, Chelsea Matter, Dick Livermore, John Carson,

Karen Germek, Melissa Petkov, Skip Smith

Job Description

Pastor (Families, Worship, Education)

Job Overview: We are seeking a passionate and dedicated pastor with a shepherd’s heart to join our vibrant community in fostering the spiritual growth of young families. The ideal candidate will have a strong commitment to unwavering and relevant biblical teaching, coupled with the ability to connect with and support young families in their spiritual journey.


Spiritual Leadership:

  • Provide spiritual guidance and leadership to the congregation.

  • Conduct meaningful and uplifting worship services that resonate with diverse age groups. (includes shepherding worship team)

  • Create and lead initiatives to promote the growth and spiritual development of young families within the local Woodside community.

  • Oversee and onboard new members. (new members class)

Education and Teaching:

  • Deliver engaging, gospel-focused, and doctrinally sound sermons that cultivate a love for Christ, self, and neighbor to all generations. (Matthew 22:37) 

  • Provide vision, strategy, & development for all children and youth ministries.

  • Provide new believers and next steps discipleship opportunities for spiritual formation. (Alpha, Discipleship Training, etc.) 

  • Develop/provide resources to equip parents to shape their children’s faith at home.

Oversee & mobilize volunteer staff:

  • Recruit, develop, and oversee volunteers for various ministries including children’s Sunday school, men’s ministry, small groups, etc. 

  • Work collaboratively with other church leaders, staff, and volunteers to achieve common goals.

Cultivate Christian Community & Community Engagement:

  • Mobilize leaders to plan events and gatherings that cultivate Christian fellowship beyond Sunday services.

  • Actively engage with the local community to identify opportunities for outreach and involvement.

  • Collaborate with other community organizations to address the needs of young families beyond the church walls.


  1. A theological degree from an accredited institution. (2 or 3 year degree)

  2. Strong biblical knowledge and the ability to teach scripture with clarity and relevance.

  3. Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to connect with diverse groups.

  4. Able to conduct weddings and funerals. Able to do visitations to sick and hospitalized. 

  5. Demonstrated leadership abilities and a passion for fostering spiritual growth.

  6. Ability to work collaboratively with staff, volunteers, and congregants.

  7. Must possess the following attributes: personal relationship with Jesus, integrity, humility, fiscal responsibility, encourager, peaceful, patient, gentle, not quick tempered, demonstrated perseverance, and shepherd’s heart.

  8. 5 years + pastoral ministry experience.

  9. Calling, and love for local people in Woodside and surrounding areas.

Interested candidates should submit a resume, cover letter, and references to:

(Woodside Village Church is an equal opportunity employer and encourages candidates from diverse backgrounds to apply.)


Please Pray for the New Pastor and Our Church

  1. Pray for our church. A season of waiting for a new pastor is one of the most important seasons in the life of a church. During this time, pray that your church would remain humble and unified. Pray that they would be patient and wait on the Lord’s timing. Pray that the church can be purified and prepared for the right time when the new pastor arrives. Pray that God's work would continue and that we recognize the Holy Spirit is our ultimate teacher, leader, and pastor.

  2. Pray for your leadership and search committee. The council and search committee has been entrusted with the weighty responsibility to identify the person that God is calling to be the church’s next pastor. This is not an easy job. Pray that they would be unified and practice godly wisdom and discernment. Pray that they would do due diligence and carefully screen the candidates with discernment and wisdom. 

  3. Pray for the next pastor and staff. While you may not know the identity of your next pastor, God does. And you can rest assured that the Lord can respond to any prayers uttered on behalf of your next pastor. Pray that God will give him a deep love for your church and community. Pray that the Lord will give him/her a strong desire to teach and preach the whole counsel of God and to fulfill the other biblical roles of a shepherd. Finally, pray that he/she will not allow the demands of ministry to cause him/her to neglect his family. Please remember to also pray for all staff members, as they are all in spiritual leadership positions as well in the church. 

  4. Pray for your next pastor’s family. Whenever you call your next pastor, there’s a good chance he/she won’t join your church alone. And their family needs your prayers just as much as he/she does. Pray that your next pastor’s spouse will adjust to the community and the church and will develop new friendships quickly. Pray that he/she will not be subjected to unrealistic expectations. In addition, pray that your next pastor’s children will also adjust to their new church family and community.

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